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An Invitation

An Invitation

Since Sept 2019 my buddy, George, and I have been pursuing self-directed study of writing. At our weekly video meetings, we provide each other feedback on our work and set the agenda for the coming week.

In June 2020 we began the formal work of writing a novel, each week submitting 3000 words for critique. By December our paths began to diverge (as they must at some point). I had completed my first draft ( ) whilst George continued with his much longer work.

As this blog is posted, I have completed a rewrite and revision, and George will have a completed first draft before September.

In September we intend to continue with our studies. During the next year I shall be writing another novel whilst George will be revising his.

During the year we intend to use the following texts as a focus for our development:

· The Emotional Craft of Writing by Donald Maas

· Into the Woods by John Yorke

· The Art of Character by David Corbett

· A Few Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg

This is not a definitive list, and we are open to other suggestions. We shall be using other texts, web resources and articles as appropriate. It is likely we shall also attend a couple of workshops and/or online courses during the year.

Now to the invitation.

We are planning to broaden our critique group. If any writer reading this post is interested in joining our small group, and able to commit to the work, please get in touch for more information. You can contact me through this website or via social media.

As ever comments, critiques, and complements always welcome, either here or on social media.


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