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An Ending and Beginning

It has been three years since I started this blog as an accountability tool for my study of writing craft. I was fortunate to be joined early in the self-directed study by George, another local writer.

The study is annotated in previous posts, so I shan’t recount it here, suffice to say it was difficult and challenging but also immensely rewarding. During this time both George and I have completed, revised, and edited manuscripts of

novel length.

Image by John Hain Pixabay

In 2021 I was encouraged to receive an email from the Bridport Novel Award informing me my work, "Water and Blood", had progressed to the second stage of selection. The next year George’s novel, "Amygdala", fared even better and made the Bridport long list. An extract will be published in the Bridport Prize anthology.

George and I have developed a trusting and honest relationship that we both find valuable for writing feedback and exploration. We continue to meet weekly, either in person or by video, though the focus of our work has changed. It is no longer driven by craft exercises but directed at becoming published authors.

I cannot write this post without expressing gratitude to Andrew Wille and his DIY MA Syllabus, which you can find here.

My writing has developed significantly by working through this course. I recommend it to anyone struggling with the expense of a formal MA.

This is not the end of my learning, but a change in process. George and I have found Eva Deverell’s creative writing rubric a useful reference for potential future learning. You can find it here and more from Eva here.

Now it is time for major changes to this website.

My own novel is scheduled for proofreading soon and I plan to publish as soon as practicable. This website will become my author website. I shall keep the blog posts available for anyone who may be interested. I may also post about my journey to publication.

I shall be redesigning the website with new images and format during the next few months. I welcome any tips, tricks, or suggestions about what an author website should, or shouldn’t, be.

If any writers are considering undertaking self-directed study of writing they are welcome to contact me if they would like more information about my journey, or just to chat about the process.


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Great news - so glad to hear about the progress you and George have made and congratulations both on getting somewhere with the Bridport Prize! Look forward to hearing the next instalment of your journey and will subscribe so I can hear when your novel is published!

Unknown member
Oct 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Paula. I remember thinking"I'll just quickly write a book" then finding out how rubbish it was. Perhaps now my writing is a little better, it really is a never ending journey. But I'm sure you already know this, many times over; I wish I was as prolific as you.


If only someone had written a little ebook about author websites that only costs 77p.

Unknown member
Oct 01, 2022
Replying to

HI Gerald,

Will I be receiving a royalty on any purchases of your book through my website?

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